Bigfoot sceptics beliefs shattered seeing 10ft beast he could hear breathing

A Bigfoot sceptic was left with a completely new outlook on the elusive creature after claiming to see the 10ft beast with his own eyes.

Michael Freeman's father, Paul, did not believe in the Sasquatch phenomenon whatsoever, but his beliefs were shattered when spotting some "strange activity" in the woods.

A particular smell tipped Paul off to something ominous in the woods of Spokane, United States, something that would change his life mission to proving the existence of the Sasquatch.

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Mr Freeman believes the beast he saw in the woods was not a bear or other grizzly animal, but Bigfoot.

Instead, Paul likened his sighting to that of photographs and drawings of "prehistoric man", with the ape-like behemoth striking the woodland expert with quite the impression.

His son Michael said in a History channel documentary: "It looked at him about the same time that he looked at it and he said that it stopped and he could hear it breathing, he was close enough.

"He could see the stomach muscles in its chest moving as it was breathing. Then it started to walk off, stopping a couple times to look back at him before leaving the area."

Following the encounter in 1982, Michael says his father became obsessed with trying to prove the existence of Bigfoot.

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Michael added: "All he wanted to do was prove to people that they existed and that he was not crazy."

His father had already found traces of elk and deer, but other footprints confused the expert forester who was left pondering what else could be in the forest and leaving the massive marks.

Footage captured by Paul is some of the clearest 'Bigfoot' videos out there, and Michael says the encounter truly "scared" his father.

Paul, who passed away in 2003, maintained his belief in the elusive beast after his first encounter in 1982.

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