Libya floods leaves 10,000 dead with thousands more missing

10,000 have now died in Libya following severe flooding.

Rescue workers have discovered multiple bodies while digging through debris in Libya’s eastern city of Derna. Following the dam collapse and flooding of the city, which left entire neighbourhoods in ruins, roughly 10,000 people have been reported missing.

According to the eastern Libyan health minister, at least 700 of the dead have been interred thus far.

The current death toll in Derna is 2,300, according to health authorities.

However, the true number of casualties is likely to be much higher.

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Derna and other sections of eastern Libya were devastated on Sunday night when Mediterranean storm Daniel hammered the shore.

Residents reported hearing huge explosions and discovering that dams outside the city had collapsed, causing flash floods down Wadi Derna, a river that runs from the mountains through the city and into the Mediterranean.

Residents’ videos released online revealed enormous swathes of muck and wreckage where the river’s rushing waves had swept away the residential neighbourhoods on both banks.

Facades of multi-story apartment complexes that were originally set back from the river were ripped away, and concrete floors fell.

The rising water-lifted cars and then dropped on top of each other.

Residents in the 90,000-person city were left to fend for themselves in the immediate aftermath of the disaster, with officials in eastern Libya claiming they were unable to reach Derna.

The majority of the eastern government arrived in the city on Tuesday.

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