Kim Jong Un greeted by Russian officials ahead of Putin talks

The Kremlin has released footage showing the moment North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un disembarked from his armoured train which arrived ahead of a planned summit with Vladimir Putin.

Kim is expected to request economic help and superior military technology for his economically beleaguered country, and curiously, he appears to have something that Putin desperately needs: armament for Russia’s difficult struggle in Ukraine.

This meeting provides an opportunity for North Korea’s leader to avoid harsh UN sanctions and break free from years of diplomatic isolation. Meanwhile, for Putin, it represents an opportunity to replace his depleted ammo stocks as a result of the protracted conflict.

Any arms transaction with North Korea would violate the sanctions, despite Russia’s earlier support for them.

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According to South Korea’s Unification Ministry, Kim is accompanied by Jo Chun Ryong, a ruling party official in charge of munitions programmes who accompanied him on recent inspections of companies making artillery rounds and missiles. According to Peskov, Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu will be part of the Russian delegation.

Analysts believe North Korea has tens of millions of ageing artillery shells and rockets based on Soviet designs, which might provide a significant boost to Russia’s forces in Ukraine.

Pak Thae Song, chairman of North Korea’s space science and technology committee, and navy admiral Kim Myong Sik were also identified in the images.

He is suspected of being involved in North Korean efforts to acquire spy satellites and nuclear-capable ballistic missile submarines.


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