Mia Khalifa gobsmacked she had to set the record straight on her ‘ankle monitor’

Mia Khalifa has been forced to set the record straight on a challenging matter, after some thought she was wearing an ankle monitor.

The influencer donned a bikini and hopped on a paddleboard in a divine ocean sunset setting, but one detail left fans scratching their heads.

Mia enjoyed a smoke while wearing a stunning brown swimwear getup and body jewellery from her newly launched brand Sheytan World.

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In a strange twist, she shared the picture twice, but the second time around there was a key difference.

The second time Mia posted with a caption that read: “I didn’t think I had to say this, but this is NOT an ankle monitor,” followed by a train of crying-laughing emojis.

She was of course referring to the ankle hold attached around her limb which is designed to stop the paddleboard from floating off if she stacked it into the water.

In another snap from the same trip, Mia also took up a sultry pose where she faced away from the camera and looked back over her shoulder.

With a big grin on her face and paddle laid casually down on the board, the scene looks idyllic.

A reddish moon hangs above the water and a spit of land sticks out into the still, glassy sea.

Mia has also done other posts with Sheytan World, including one recent one where she parades through a house topless before kicking off her bikini bottoms and jumping in an appealing-looking pool.

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