‘I’m a car mechanic – there is one button you should never press while driving’

A car mechanic has warned fellow drivers about which button to avoid while driving if they want to avoid sleepiness while on the road.

Car mechanic Scotty Kilmer runs one of the most-watched car channels in America, where he divulges information about vehicles and their features. 

The technician has acquired a score of handy tips over his career of 55 years, including knowledge about which buttons to avoid in different circumstances.

In one of his recent clips, Kilmer set out to raise awareness of the different air conditioning features and how they can affect carbon dioxide levels in the vehicle.

“Today I’m going to show you why should run your air conditioning on fresh air, not recirculation,” he said. “Now [recirculation] is fine when it’s really hot outside and you want to cool the car down faster.” 

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This can present a slight hazard during longer trips, according to Kilmer, as the carbon dioxide levels will start building up when oxygen levels.

“You’ll get sleepy from not having enough oxygen, so leave it on fresh when you’re going down a highway for long trips,” he explained. 

In instances where outdoor temperatures are stifling recirculation is fine as long as the rear windows are kept slightly open, added the technician. 

“Leave it on recirculation but crack one of the rear windows,” he noted. “That’s plenty enough air coming in to keep you wide awake while driving.” 

This information could prove invaluable to drivers traveling long distances, as studies have shown that higher-than-average levels of carbon dioxide in the car can hinder the driver’s cognitive abilities and reduce response times over time.

The health tip was shared in a clip titled “Never press this button while driving,” which racked up more than 33,000 likes.

One viewer wrote in the comments: “How weird I’ve totally experienced this but wasn’t sure if it was in my head… I’d get sleepy then [crank a] window and change the recirculating button and within a minute I’m feeling much more alert!!! This confirms my suspicions.”

Another viewer quipped: “As a trucker, I’m taking this into consideration.”

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