Weather forecaster pinpoints when heatwave will end with UK-wide washout

A weather forecaster has pinpointed exactly when the September heatwave will end with Brits warned to expect downpours.

The UK basked in unseasonably warm temperatures this week as parts of the country reached highs of 32C.

But Jim Dale, Senior Meteorological Consultant at British Weather Services, told the Daily Star the unusual conditions are set to end in a nationwide washout early next week.

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"For Monday, it’s still very warm – I wouldn’t use the word hot now – in the south and east. I think by then maximum temperatures will be down to around 27C, 28C. Norfolk is probably in line for the highest temperatures.

"By now you’ve got much cooler air into Northern Ireland and Scotland, 10C, 11C and 12C."

Dale added that by Tuesday much of the country could expect showers and cooler temperatures, including the southeast which has boasted some of the sunniest conditions over the last few days.

"Tuesday’s got a trough going through, particularly in the afternoon, the trough bringing rain to everybody at some point," he said.

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"So it starts off in the west and travels across, and yes it will be in the southeast.

"So there’s the big change. There's the big dipper.

"By then we’ve got a max of 22C in the southeast, but everywhere else… in the Glens of Scotland the maximum temperatures are 8C and 9C. Northern England and Wales, anything between 12C and 17C."

Weather maps from WXCharts back up the claims, with showers set to cover most of the country over the course of Tuesday.

Over the weekend the heatwave looks set to continue, with Londoners anticipating highs of 33C and similarly lofty thermometer readings expected elsewhere – despite a thunderstorm warning being issued across much of England and parts of Wales.

It comes after Thursday broke a record for the hottest day of the year so far as 32.6C was recorded in Wisley, Surrey.

The previous record – 32.2C – was set in June.

The news had many wondering whether a record might be set for the highest ever September temperature – but Dale told the Daily Star this was unlikely.

"We're not looking at the hottest September ever because that's 35.6C – that was 1906 in South Yorkshire," he said previously.

"But there is a possibility of passing what we got on Thursday.

"Again it's the same areas – London and southwards, maybe northwards into Norfolk. So it's that south-east quadrant."

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