Sickening joke Jimmy Savile made in his final interview just days before he died

Jimmy Savile made a disturbing joke about "women" in his final ever interview before he died.

The sexual predator passed away on October 29, 2011 aged 84 – two days before his birthday. His death came after he had been in hospital with pneumonia, but sadly before his sick crimes fully came to light.

When the world finally learned that the DJ and TV personality was a monster, chilling hints at what he had done were picked up from his previous interviews. And his final ever interview was no different.

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In the days prior to Savile being found dead at his penthouse apartment in Leeds, he was quoted as saying: "I've got a bouncebackability, but this time I don't seem to be bouncing back." And when asked about how it felt to be soon turning 85, he joked grimly: "So many women, so little time."

In another interview just three months before he died (but only published by the Sunday People in 2016) Savile seemed to imply his mother had been suspicious of him. He said: "My mother never got round to being proud. If anyone said, ‘What is Jimmy like?’ she would say, ‘I don’t know what he’s up to, but he’s up to something’. She never trusted me as she thought I was going to get nicked and end up in the pokey."

This was alluded to in the first episode of the BBC's new Jimmy Savile drama The Reckoning, which aired last night. In it Agnes Monica Savile, who the sexual predator called 'The Duchess', is seen visiting a confessional booth. She tells the priest: "I don't know if I love my son… I worry there's some terrible darkness in him."

The second episode of The Reckoning airs on BBC One at 9pm tonight. The full series is already available on iPlayer. The BBC said regarding The Reckoning: "Using drama’s unique ability to place events in their emotional and historical context, the series will explore how Savile used his celebrity and powerful connections to conceal his crimes and exploit institutional failings.

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"It is important to understand how he was able to hide in plain sight in order to gain a greater understanding of how he evaded justice. The drama aims to highlight the importance of confronting the horrors of the past and talking openly about abuse."

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