‘Supporting Hamas at this time is like supporting al-Qaeda after 9/11’

Supporting the actions of Hamas “is like supporting al Qaeda in the days and weeks after 9/11”, Israel’s ambassador to the UK said. And those who really believe in the welfare of Palestinians should join in Israel’s condemnation of the terror organisation.

Tzipi Hotovely said there had been no surviving wounded children after the Hamas atrocities in Israel “because they butchered each and every one of them>’

And she accused anyone demonstrating for Hamas of “supporting war crimes against children” in a war that clearly pitches “good against evil”.

Speaking ahead of yesterday’s pro-Palestinian protests in London, Ambassador Tzipi Hotovely spoke of her “discomfort” at the number of people who seem to be justifying the atrocities which befell Israel a fortnight ago,

“I look at the streets of London and I see something that should make every human being uncomfortable,’ she said.

“It isn’t the fact that people are demonstrating – this is legitimate in a democratic country – but rather the fact that they are coming to demonstrate for Palestinians after such barbaric attacks.

“People must be sensitive to the idea that supporting Hamas at this time is like supporting al Qaeda after 9/11 or ISIS. If there is one thing that every person must know by now, it is the atrocities carried out by Hamas on October 7.

“Yet though people react strongly to cities hit by rockets, they do not seem to be so terrorised when confronted with the fact of terrorists invading people’s homes, people’s bedrooms, hunting down kids who were hiding under beds and shooting them.

“One of the most horrific aspects of the attack is that, of 7,000 wounded, none of them were children because they butchered each and every one of them. More than 100 children were murdered including babies. We saw car seats full of blood, and horrific burn injuries – things we have not seen since the Nazi holocaust.

“Those who are demonstrating in support of Hamas are supporting war crimes against children.”

She added: “Instead of helping people to find shelter, Hamas is using Palestinians as human shields. This is the moment that people need to understand that if they support Palestinians, they need to support Israel too, against Hamas.”

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Aware of the spike in anti-semitic cases, Ambassador Hotovely praised the actions of Home Secretary Suella Braverman who “wants to ensure that Jewish people in this community feel as safe as possible.”

The ambassador, who accompanied Rishi Sunak on his “crucial” vital to Tel Aviv last week, praised the PM for the stance he has taken in supporting Israel’s struggle.

“It was an excellent visit and very efficient in terms of specific things the British Government is helping us with. This includes the hostages while, strategically, the UK is taking a major role in trying to prevent another front in the north.

“Prime Minister Sunak rightly said that it is not just Israel’s right, but also it’s duty to defend itself. This is our reality. We need to make sure what happened on October 7 can never be repeated,”

She revealed how, during his visit, the PM was exposed to gruesome footage, photos and even Hamas-authored “torture handbooks’.

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“I can tell you there were many documents that were shared with the PM that shocked everyone. They documented the atrocities with barbaric videos which were supposed to be used for their own propaganda,“ she said.

“We have also uncovered handbooks on kidnapping and torture.

“This is why International support, from the UK especially, is so important and appreciated by Israel. “

While Israel had not sought war, she said it is now prepared to fight it on two fronts – in the south against Hamas and in the north against Lebanon’s Hezbollah terror group.

“We have no interest in war. We are a flourishing country with good technology. We just started a peace process with the Arab world,’ she said.

“We are close to striking a deal with Saudi Arabia. We are facing the prospect of a Middle East as a new place where Israel can create more friends and allies.

“Hamas’ barbaric attack aimed to destroy this. People don’t realise how radical Hamas’ charter and constitution is. It calls to kill jews and eradicate Jewish state.

“If you have ISIS on your doorstep you fight for the safety of your children. This is our only interest now.” The world now faced a stark choice between supporting “good or evil ”.

“This is such a clear war between good and evil; between democracy and barbarism,’ she said.

I think everyone should stand with democracy and human rights and not with barbarism and war crimes. “We will take as long as needs to ensure there won’t be a Hamas left when this war is over.”

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