Scientists reveal date all humans die – before new supercontinent is created

The date all humans on Earth with cease to exist has been revealed – as well as the one way to stop armageddon.

Scientists from the University of Bristol have put together a bleak report calculating when exactly humans will be wiped out. Although it's not exactly happening any time soon – 250 million years away, in fact – an ominous warning has now been issued.

Lead author Dr Alexander Farnsworth, Senior Research Associate at the University of Bristol, has claimed that humans will be destroyed by ever-growing rising temperatures and extreme heat. However, the heat will help to form a supercontinent, as well as “frequent volcanic eruptions”.

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Dr Farnsworth said: “The outlook in the distant future appears very bleak. Carbon dioxide levels could be double current levels. With the Sun also anticipated to emit about 2.5% more radiation and the supercontinent being located primarily in the hot, humid tropics, much of the planet could be facing temperatures of between 40 to 70C.

“The newly-emerged supercontinent would effectively create a triple whammy, comprising the continentality effect, hotter sun and more CO2 in the atmosphere, of increasing heat for much of the planet. The result is a mostly hostile environment devoid of food and water sources for mammals.

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“Widespread temperatures of between 40 to 50C, and even greater daily extremes, compounded by high levels of humidity would ultimately seal our fate. Humans – along with many other species – would expire due to their inability to shed this heat through sweat, cooling their bodies.”

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But there is one way to stop it – by cutting out the use of fossil fuels. Another professor involved in the report, Benjamin Mills from the University of Leeds, claimed that increasing the use of fossil fuels will actually accelerate the end of humanity on Earth, which could come “much sooner”.

The study was calculated using the first-ever supercomputer climate models to demonstrates how climate extremes will dramatically intensify when the world’s continents eventually merge to form one hot, dry and largely uninhabitable supercontinent.

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