September heatwave is turning Brits into zombies as many struggle to sleep

Britain is turning into a zombie-like nation as the September heat is ruining a good night’s sleep.

One in 10 folk are missing out on four hours’ kip every night and 50% will have two hours less shut-eye than normal, research has found.

Temperatures hit 32.6C on Thursday, making it the hottest day of the year.

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And Alison Cullen, nutritional practitioner for Avogel, warned: “When sleep quality is poor, with several night-wakings, the consequences are immediately felt the next day.

“Not only do you feel tired, but you are less able to concentrate.”

Bedding firm Floks, which ran the study, said: “We are a nation that has come to accept poor sleep in the summer, especially in a heatwave.”

Forecasters believe some parts of the country could reach 33C on Friday.

Alison Jones, sleep expert at mattress firm Sealy UK, said a lack of sleep could lead folk to make poor choices when driving or crossing a busy road that could be life-threatening.

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She said: “A lack of sleep can lead to negative impacts on your physical and mental health, as it can impair cognitive function.

“When attention and concentration is reduced, it is harder to focus on the task at hand.

“This could be a work report that could reflect badly on you, making dinner which may lead to unhealthy choices, or perhaps something more life threatening, such as driving or crossing a busy road.

She added: “Sleep deprivation can lead to increased irritability, mood swings, and a reduced ability to handle stressful situations and even everyday tasks.”

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