Ghost hunters snap White Lady in window at 500-year-old haunted castle

Ghost hunters managed to capture footage of the 'White Lady' during an exploration of a 500-year-old castle.

The creepy find of the paranormal investigators led them on a trip to Almond Castle earlier this year, where torches shone light on a potential sighting from beyond the grave. A medium had accompanied the searchers to the Scottish site.

A return visit on September 16 saw the group make claim to a series of squeals and gasps in the area, allegedly caused by some spectral force.

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The trio of travelling explorers took it upon themselves to investigate Almond Castle in Polmont, Scotland, and what they found has terrified them. One of the group, Yvonne, has since spoken to EdinburghLive of their wild findings.

She said: "So on Saturday night we returned to investigate Almond Castle, Polmont. On the first investigation, we were communicating with a lady via the torches.

"We had asked spirits to turn the torches on and off in response to questions and within minutes of each other both David and Jane saw a 'lady in white' standing in a doorway on the floor above.

"On Saturday night we communicated with this same lady again. On leaving the castle last night, we took these photos in quick succession (literally click click click – you can see this by the clouds). We have let a professional photographer have a look and he has checked out lighting changes etc and cannot really explain."

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Images taken from the scene show a ghostly white figure in the window of the castle. Reports indicate said window is unreachable through normal means open to the public.

The team now believe they snapped a photo of the eerie White Lady, the infamous ghost said to haunt the area. Almond Castle has been the sight of several eerie allegations over its history. It sits just a few miles away from the Union Canal in Falkirk.

The Daily Star is no stranger to spectral sightings, with a hotel likened to The Shining recently explored. The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park was cited as the inspiration for The Shining, with Stephen King using the area as an influence on the famed book.

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