Remote tiny French island with no cars and you can only get to by ferry

In a world filled with bustling cities and gridlocked streets, there exists a serene refuge where the modern world seems to have taken a pause – Île-de-Bréhat.

Positioned just off the coast of Brittany, France, in the English Channel, this island stands as an oasis, free from the smog and noise of cars, accessible only by ferry.

Covering a mere 3.4 square kilometres, this island is an untouched slice of paradise. This hidden gem has a unique ban on cars. Transport here is as it was in simpler times – by foot, bicycle, or electric cart.

Visitors and residents alike must rely on sustainable means of travel, creating an atmosphere that invites serenity and celebrates eco-friendliness.

The island’s rugged coastline is adorned with lush gardens, and crystalline waters surround it.

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It is a symphony of colours, with the vivid hues of flowers, particularly in the spring and summer, weaving a vibrant tapestry across the landscape.

Visitors can wander through charming villages or explore historical landmarks like the Phare du Paon, a lighthouse offering panoramic views of the surrounding seascape. Adventure seekers can explore rocky coves and hidden beaches, while those seeking relaxation can find solace in the island’s tranquil gardens and serene shores.

The journey to Île-de-Bréhat is an adventure in itself, adding to the allure of this car-free paradise. The only way to reach this enchanting oasis is by taking a ferry from the neighbouring town of Paimpol.

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Île-de-Bréhat is an island frozen in time, offering a respite from the clamour of the contemporary world.

With its car-free environment and unwavering commitment to preserving its natural beauty, it stands as a unique destination that transports visitors to a simpler, more peaceful era.

As Île-de-Bréhat remains a well-kept secret to many tourists, it retains its authentic charm, making it the perfect choice for those in search of a peaceful sanctuary, far removed from the maddening crowds and relentless pace of modern life.

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