Gran who married Egyptian toyboy who ‘took £25k from her’ demands he be deported

A British gran who married an Egyptian toyboy has demanded he be deported after she claimed he swindled her for over £25,000.

Iris Jones, who was 80 when she met 34-year-old Mohamed Ibrahim, has said the relationship went sour and in June she kicked her younger lover out of her home after two years of marriage.

And Iris told the Mirror that she has asked the Home Office to turn down his visa renewal and deport him – claiming he has refused to return £25,000 she loaned him.

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Mohamed denies that allegation.

Speaking from her home in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, Iris, now 84, said: “I feel violated, and stupid. I thought it would never happen to me but of course, it did.

“The bank warned me, the police warned me, my family and friends warned me. But I didn’t listen. I was blinded by love. He doesn’t deserve a UK visa with the way he treated me. I’m worried he might do the same to someone else.”

Bank statements seen by the Mirror show retired legal secretary Iris sent Mohamed transfers totalling more than £25,000 after he came to the UK in 2021.

“I know that for the Home Office to deport him, I need to divorce him, but that’s easier said than done. I’m broke, because he has all my money. He hasn’t got British citizenship so is still an Egyptian national," Iris added.

Home Office rules say that if your visa is based on your relationship then you must notify them if you divorce or separate. But you can still apply to extend your visa or to live permanently in the UK.

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Iris said their relationship began to sour after they started rowing regularly about her will.

The pensioner – who has sons Darren, 56, and Steve, 57 – got chatting to Mohamed on Facebook in June 2019 after she joined a group for atheists.

She says: “He showered me with compliments. I thought, ‘How can I feel this way about someone who is young enough to be my grandson?’ But then I thought, ‘Age is just a number’.

"I thought it was true love. When I first met him I was in love with him so much I think I even told him he could have my bungalow.”

Iris flew to Cairo to meet Mohamed for the first time in the November – with a wedding dress in her bag. In the end it was on her third visit, in 2020, that they wed.

She had kept her plans secret from Steve and Darren – even promising them before she flew that she would not tie the knot.

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