Mum shares little-known tip to turn economy flight seats into a comfy bed

Flying can be an uncomfortable experience – particularly for those in economy class.

There’s often not very much legroom, even on long-haul flights, which can be uncomfortable on a long journey.

The seats can also not provide a great night’s sleep, which is not ideal for people flying overnight.

Upgrading to business class is also not an option for many people – with the added luxury often coming at a high price.

Travelling with children, who may also be bored and not like flying, can also be an uncomfortable experience – but the Mirror reports that one mum believes she has found a solution both to keep kids happy and alternatively turn a row of economy seats into a comfy bed.

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Blogger Adele Barbaro, who is also known as the Real Mumma, flew from Melbourne, Australia to Los Angeles in California with her husband and two children.

The mum managed to grab a SkyCouch upgrade from Air New Zealand that allowed her and her husband to pay a total of £104 to get the third seat on their row – transforming it into a comfortable bed for the journey.

Speaking online, she said: “If there are two of you travelling, you can purchase a third seat at half price and you will get the entire row to yourself. The leg rests all rise to meet the chair in front and create a completely flat, large play or sleep area.

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“Paul and Harvey had a bed and so did Chloe and I. It’s the next best thing to business (but way cheaper) and perfect for long-haul flights with young families. And we all slept.”

Unfortunately, this service is not available on most airlines – there was an option with Thomas Cook when it operated its own planes but this is no longer the case.

Air New Zealand started offering it in 2010 and other airlines have also launched similar schemes.

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