Boozed-up woman ‘strips off before urinating’ in middle of Chinese restaurant

A drunk woman was spotted stripping off in the middle of a Chinese restaurant before urinating right there in the eatery.

The unnamed individual was seen at the Shenzhen, China-based restaurant and served as an example of excessive drinking in public. It is believed she had consumed a great deal of alcohol at the premises.

Said intoxication led to the woman undressing, taking off her trousers before squatting in the middle of the restaurant to relieve herself, urinating in front of other diners.

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Others eating in the restaurant snapped photos of the woman's brazen display, with the unnamed diner shaking off her trousers to go to the toilet right in the middle of the restaurant.

Those who later witnessed the shocking incident online pointed toward the issues of excess drinking, claiming it was a warning sign to those who enjoy a few too many tipples while out and about.

Some expressed worry for the woman seen in the video, with the incident sparking concern for those highlighting the dangers of excess drinking, Thaiger reported. It is unknown what happened to the woman after the incident.

In other boozy news across the globe, Brit holidaymakers are flocking to a European city where the wine on offer is far cheaper than water. Flights to Venice, Italy, can be as low as £23 and an influx of vino-lovers are on their way.

The Daily Star reported the cheap glasses, where wine is sold for as little as 69p on the idyllic canals of Venice.

One visitor claimed the "wine was cheaper than water" and that visits to the city could get you some cheap wine along with a smorgasbord of meats and cheeses for as low as €1.60.

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