World’s most underrated cruise destinations named

Whether Britons are looking for breathtaking vistas, sunny temperatures or city attractions, a cruise holiday is a great way to see the world.

But with some top destinations such as Barcelona planning to bring in restrictions, it might be time for tourists to widen their horizons.

The cruise experts at Panache Cruises have shared the world’s most underrated destinations where guests will find beauty without the crowds.

James Cole, founder of Panache Cruises, said: “One of the great things about a cruising holiday is being able to visit several destinations in a single trip – but often stopping at some of the most busy ports in the world also means having to navigate large crowds of tourists.

“Yet there are several coastal towns which are equally as beautiful as the more popular ones, but don’t have half as many tourists, meaning you can explore each place in peace without being surrounded by too many holidaymakers. Choosing the right cruise itinerary which visits lesser known ports can be very important especially at peak times. This is where a specialist cruise agent can add real value.”

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Kiel in Germany was crowned the world’s most underrated cruise destination. The German port might not have Mediterranean weather but it does have plenty to see.

James said: “Whilst most cruises stop at Hamburg and Warnemünde-Rostock ports in Germany, Kiel is a significantly less busy option in the north of the country. The city is home to the largest sailing event in the world (Kiel Week), so is a perfect destination for sea lovers.

“Kiel has a maritime lifestyle feel, with some fascinating maritime museums. The city’s plentiful supply of beautiful seafood restaurants on the waters edge are also a major draw for lovers of nautical fare.”

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Slovenia’s coastline is gorgeous and tourists will usually find it’s less crowded than nearby hotspots in Croatia and Montenegro.

James said: “Koper lies on Slovenia’s Adriatic coastline, and is full of picturesque architecture within the medieval old town. Just a short walk from the port is the city centre, packed with history and charm.

“Slovenia has significantly fewer visitor numbers than its more popular European neighbours, but this magnificent country should definitely be one to visit.”

World’s most underrated cruise destinations

  1. Kiel, Germany
  2. Koper, Slovenia
  3. Molde, Norway
  4. Easter Island, Chile
  5. Kaikoura, New Zealand
  6. Opatija, Croatia
  7. Thursday Island, Australia
  8. Trondheim, Norway
  9. Nevis, St Kitts and Nevis
  10. Isabela, Galapagos Islands

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