UK village with a ridiculously posh name that almost no one can pronounce right

The UK has a number of place names tricky for outsiders to pronounce correctly but there is a village in Cheshire which has left some particularly red-faced.

Cholmondeley near Nantwich has a population of 175 according to 2021 Census figures and covers an area of six square miles.

While some say the civil parish’s name as chol-mon-de-lee, it is actually pronounced chum-lee.

The village, which is home to historic parkland Cholmondeley Castle Gardens, was listed last year as among the nation’s most mispronounced places.

Others on the list drawn up by tutoring service Preply include towns, villages and suburbs across all corners of the UK.

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The Oxfordshire town of Bicester regularly draws crowds of shoppers to its designer shopping centre, but its name is often wrongly pronounced.

While some say by-chester or by-cester, the town which has been compared to Miami in summer, is actually pronounced bister (as in, rhymes with blister).

Omagh in Co.Tyrone, Northern Ireland, can also pose pronunciation problems for some, but the name of this town – which boasts a spooky abandoned hospital – is relatively easy to say – Oh-ma.

A place name which likely to prove quite a challenge, especially for non-Welsh speakers, is the village of Ynysybwl, near Cardiff.

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It’s a challenge to spell and pronounce, but the correct way to say Ynysybwl is an-is-abull, according to Wales Online.

Quernmore in Lancashire is pronounced kwor-mer while many would be forgiven for pronouncing Woolfardisworthy in Devon as Wool-far-dis-worthy.

But this village, which is near the Bristol Channel, is actually pronounced Wool-zery.

Scotland has a share of places with tricky names to pronounce, but one listed as especially challenging is Ballachulish.

This village centred around former slate quarries is sometime mispronounced as Balla-choo-lish, but it actually sounds out as Balla-who-lish.

Frome in Somerset can also be difficult to say with some calling it frohm instead of the correct way to say it – froom, rhyming with broom.

The final place on the list of UK areas most often said incorreclty is the former village of Beauchief, which is now a suburb of Sheffield.

Some might think it is pronounced Bow-chief but bizarrely the place is expressed Bee-chiff.

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