Protesting Remoaners stumped after being asked to explain why they miss the EU

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Remainers struggled to respond when asked what they missed about the European Union. Thousands of pro-EU protesters took to the streets in the capital London today demanding the UK rejoin the European bloc. During the march, Ben Leo, a programme editor for Dan Wootton Tonight on GB News, interviewed a number of the activists.

One woman, who was wearing a yellow curly wig and a shirt emblazoned with the EU flag, suggested that the economies of other EU member states have “recovered a lot better than we have”.

The interviewer pointed out: “Germany is in recession though, and we are not, so how is that true?”

The embarrassed activist struggled to refute this point, simply saying: “Um, I’m not an economist.”

In the latest Office for National Statistics figures, the UK economy shrank by 0.5 percent.

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However, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt said the latest economic figures showed “many reasons to be confident about the future”.

He said that the UK economy was now on course to grow faster than Germany, France and Italy.

Meanwhile, Germany – the largest economy of the EU – fell into a recession in the first quarter of the year as GDP growth was revised from zero to -0.3 percent.

On Monday, the Bundesbank said the German economy is likely to shrink this quarter again.

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In another encounter, a protester was asked what he missed about the European Union.

The man hesitated for a number of seconds before simply responding: “I like the EU.”

The National Rejoin March, which is organised by an alliance of pro-Brussels groups, follows a similar event last year.

Speakers included Belgian MEP Guy Verhofstadt, anti-Brexit activist Steve Bray and pro-EU campaigner Gina Miller.

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National Rejoin March co-founder Peter Corr told LBC earlier this week that the march will be an annual event.

He said: “We want to put rejoin on the agenda and keep it there until we’re back in the EU.”

It comes as Tories have warned Labour cannot be trusted on Brexit after Sir Keir Starmer pledged to rewrite the trade deal with the EU.

Meanwhile, France and Germany earlier this week put forward proposals that would allow Britain to return to the bloc as an “associate member”.

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