Rishi Sunak signs three major deals to make it harder for migrants to get to UK

The Prime Minister highlighted that the number of migrants arriving in the UK on small boats have come down by a fifth this year.

This was in comparison to European nations where numbers have surged. Italy, in particular, has seen a massive spike in illegal immigrants in 2023.

But Mr Sunak warned tackling illegal migration and people smugglers is “a shared European challenge”. Mr Sunak’s comments came after signing new initiatives with Belgium, Bulgaria and Serbia to increase intelligence-sharing and operational co-operation.

A wider deal with the EU’s border agency to get access to the bloc’s intelligence on migration is expected next week.
Speaking after a European leaders summit in Granada Mr Sunak said: “I’ve had a very successful summit here working with other European countries to stop the boats.

“This is a shared European challenge. “That’s very clear you’ve had thousands of arrivals across the European continent.

“What I was able to do here for the British people is sign new deals with Serbia, Belgium and Bulgaria that will help combat the criminal gangs upstream, but also chaired a meeting together with the leaders from France, from the Netherlands, Italy, the EU and Albania, where we talk through this issue together.

“Now, all of these things are making a difference, the numbers of people coming into the UK this year are down by a fifth, they’re up in the rest of Europe.

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That shows that these types of arrangements that we have, are helping us to stop the boats. “But what’s clear is this is a shared European problem and everyone agrees that it should be everyone’s own country that decides who comes there and not criminal gangs.”

Under the wider plan, the UK would work with Belgium to try to disrupt organised immigration crime and clandestine entry to Britain and seek to co-operate further with Serbia on prosecuting and disrupting criminal networks.

The Frontex deal would build on the new bilateral pacts by deepening the Border Force’s understanding of smuggler routes through Turkey and the western Balkans.

Thursday’s gathering of the European Political Community was attended by the leaders of 47 countries.The EPC was the brainchild of French President Emmanuel Macron – was formed after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine last year.

It brings together both European Union member states and those European nations that are outside the Brussels-based bloc.

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