Targeted subsidy expected to begin early 2024: Rafizi –

The government is expecting to implement its targeted subsidy programme early next year. According to economy minister Rafizi Ramli, this time frame is based on the scheduled launch of the Pangkalan Data Utama (PADU) socio-economic database this November. He said the database will be opened to the public for verification of their socio-economic status in January next year, as Bernama reports.

Earlier this year, Rafizi had indicated that the PADU database will incorporate household net disposable income metrics that have been collected, using them as a structuring measure to ensure that targeted subsidies are more accurately distributed.

As for the mechanism itself, that hasn’t yet been determined. “Whether the mechanism is to be cash transfer or card issuance will be decided from time to time because the priority now is to ensure there is complete information on the socio-economic status of every household,” he said.

In July, the ministry of domestic trade and cost of living (KPDN) said it was discussing the use of a special identification system as part of its targeted subsidy mechanism for diesel and RON 95 petrol.

Previously, it was reported that the government would begin its targeted fuel subsidy with diesel from next year and would monitor its effectiveness, along with that of a targeted subsidy for electricity, before announcing any decision on a targeted subsidy for RON 95.

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