Ford CEO Takes A Jab At Tesla Cybertruck’s Off-Road Abilities With F-150 Lightning Video

Remember when the Tesla Cybertruck finally went on a more serious off-road course late last month? It happened at the Hollister Hills State Vehicular Recreation Area, which is about an hour’s drive south of San Jose, California.

The all-electric pickup was spotted while driving up an obstacle called ”the stairs” because of the irregular surface, and the video was posted on X by the user Dima Zeniuk:

As you can see, Tesla’s truck struggled a bit here and there, spinning its wheels and searching for traction, but eventually, it made it up without much drama. However, some hardcore off-roaders turned to their keyboards and bashed the electric pickup for not having what it takes to survive on a more difficult course.

And wouldn’t you know it, none other than Jim Farley, Ford’s CEO, got into the virtual discussion and took a shot at the Cybertruck’s off-roading skills, but did so with a bit of gentleman’s flair.

He simply posted a video of a Ford F-150 Lightning on X tackling the same climb at Hollister Hills SVRA with the description: “F-150 Lightning does it all.”

But did the Ford EV actually make lighter work of “the stairs” compared to the Tesla? To my eyes, it looks like the two electric pickups were pretty similar, but you can weigh in in the comments section below.

What I do know is that Tesla’s truck seems to have a better approach angle and slightly more aggressive tires. I also know that both vehicles drove to the top of the obstacle, which is what matters at the end of the day.

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