Multiple issues on my Tork Kratos R after just 1000 km of ownership

Even though there are issues, the brand is providing proper support which matters the most.

BHPian Venky03 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

ODO reached 1000 km yesterday, wanted to share a few updates:

The breakdown:

Had a ride planned on the 23rd but the bike refused to start and displayed an AUX battery error light:

Did not have any time to troubleshoot the issue, so decided to take the iQube instead. After coming back from the ride on 3rd June the bike was completely dead, even plugging in the charger did not trigger any response. Called the Tork guys and they promptly arrived within an hour or so to check the bike and concluded that the ECU had conked off and needed to be replaced and suggested to call RSA.

The bike was fixed FOC at the Thane service centre within 2 days. Have seen several users face similar issues with the ECU and temperature sensor which I faced earlier.

About the fast-charge fiasco:

The bike came in two versions at launch: Kratos and Kratos R. The main difference between them was the Kratos R’s fast-charging capability. All of us had purchased the R variant as Tork eventually discontinued the Kratos. The initial batch did not have fast charge ports as Tork had not finalized the port connector, but they assured us that it would be fixed later. A few weeks ago, they said it would cost Rs 5,000 to fix the fast-charging port, causing community outrage. They later lowered the fee to Rs 942.

Headlight Issue:

After repeated complaints about the poor headlight throw they’ve assured us that they’re working on a fix. Given our unpredictable roads, I’m constrained to maintain speeds of 30-40 km/h in low-light conditions. The bike’s biggest issue is its headlight, which poses a problem for me as I usually ride during early mornings or late evenings.

The good:

The bike’s standout feature is undoubtedly its powertrain. Once you start riding, it has the ability to make you forget all other issues. You may encounter people who label the Kratos as prone to overheating, a misconception that arose from initial media rides. However, this problem is absent in the final production units. As promised, the axial-flux motor proves to be highly efficient. Even with a pillion, there’s minimal range reduction:

New accessories:

Mandatory LTR sticker:

The winglets complement the bike’s design seamlessly:

Closing thoughts:

FAME-II reduction will definitely dent the Kratos R sales as it now costs Rs 1.9L ex-showroom with subsidy. Even though there are issues, which was expected; the brand is providing proper support which matters the most. If you’re considering purchasing the Kratos R, I recommend waiting a bit. Let them address the headlight issue, sort out the reliability issues and expand their fast-charging network first before making your decision.

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