Ukraine lands three more drone attacks on key Crimea bridge

Ukraine’s military says they conducted an operation in Crimea

Ukraine’s fight back against Russia has taken a bold turn as several more kamikaze drones have targeted a key bridge in Crimea.

Targeting the Kerch bridge, a key supply route for Russian troops, Ukraine used three semi-submersible kamikaze marine drones.

Moscow said they managed to intercept and destroy each of the drones as they desperately try and save the crossing from destruction.

One drone was destroyed late on Friday and two others early on Saturday, according to Russia’s Defense Ministry.

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The unmanned drones were hit last night by vessels of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, according to the Russian Defense Ministry.

The crossing was closed and large traffic jams were seen on either side of the bridge.

Rybar, a Telegram channel, claimed that one of the drones may have been seeking to target Russian patrol ship Inquisitive, claimed.

They claimed the sea drone “tried to hide among the ships at anchorage” in the Kerch Strait, but was spotted and exploded.

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Russia’s Kerch bridge, which cost $3.7 billion, has been the target of many attacks from Ukraine.

Back in October, a bomb concealed in a truck exploded on the bridge, causing major damage.

Later in July, a specially developed kamikaze drone called Sea Baby, which was loaded with 850kg of explosives, caused structural damage to the crossing.

As Ukraine’s counter-offensive rolls on, Kyiv has begun employing drones in inventive ways.

The kamikaze missions follow Ukraine allegedly destroying a fleet of Russian warplanes with “cardboard” drones.

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Kyiv’s Security Service (SBU) has claimed it neutralized four Su-30 fighter jets and a MiG-29 fighter jet with the lightweight drones.

They also claim to have hit two Pantsir-S1 close-range air defense systems, and part of an S-300 air-defense system.

They were obtained from Australia, whose Government struck a $700,000 deal with defense manufacturer SYPAQ for its Corvo Precision Payload Delivery System drones.

Meanwhile, Russian historian Dr Yuri Felshtinsky told Daily Express US that Vladimir Putin’s days as President are numbered.

The author of book ‘Blowing up Ukraine’, believes that the FSB has already ruled out Putin and is preparing to choose its own candidate for the top job.

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