Ukraine fighting brutal ‘WWI style war’ as US won’t let Kyiv ‘attack into Russia

Ukraine fighting ‘World War One again’ says John Bolton

Ukraine is fighting a brutal “WWI” style conflict in part due to bad US decision-making, former National Security Advisor John Bolton exclusively told Daily Express US.

Kyiv’s counteroffensive against Russian forces in the south and east of the country is in full swing with some notable gains in recent weeks. However, many Western officials have cited concern with the perceived slow speed of the Ukrainian attack.

Mr. Bolton – who was US National Security Advisor under Donald Trump – said part of the problem was the Biden Administration’s failure to “systematically and strategically” provide assistance to Ukraine.

“We’ve had one argument after another, do we give them this weapons system? Do we give them the other weapons system? Do we give them HIMARS? Do we give them ATACMS? Do we give them Abrams tanks? Do we give them F-16s?” Mr. Bolton said, referring to various advanced weapons systems, only some of which have been given to Ukraine.

He added: “You finally begin to wonder if we’re ever going to sit down and systematically say, you know, if we wanted to break Russian control of Crimea and the Donbas, how would we do it?”

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The former US Ambassador to the UN added that Kyiv was also hamstrung by its inability to attack Russia, which he blames on US policy.

“I think we’ve inhibited Ukrainian ability to get out, go into Russia and try and encircle the Russian forces. At least outflank them in the north,” he said

“We’re saying to the Ukrainians: ‘It’s just terrible you’ve been invaded. But, by the way, you’re going to fight the entire war on your territory and grind it into the dust’.”

“Now, the Ukrainians have obviously conducted some attacks as far as Moscow with drones and whatnot, they have attacked some Russian supply depots inside Russian territory. But I think not nearly enough.”

Ambassador Bolton said he believes Ukraine’s counteroffensive could have been different if the US and others had been more strategic in their support.

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“If we had done this more strategically, I think you’d see a different kind of offensive and you might see a different result,” he said.

Ukraine launched its full-scale counteroffensive earlier this summer but saw limited advances on the frontline.

Tanks traps, trenches and tens of thousands of mines have hampered Ukraine’s forward progress in the region, but a breakthrough appears underway.

After weeks of mine clearing and heavy fighting, it has been reported that Kyiv has broken through Russia’s main line of defense.

If Ukraine can smash a significant force through this breach in Russia’s defenses, it could result in a significant victory for Kyiv as it drives toward the Black Sea.

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