UK street where police shot man dead stinks of drugs and locals feel unsafe

Residents of a street on the Essex-London border, known for drug-related issues, are terrified after a man was shot dead by Met Police.

The incident occurred just before 9pm on Thursday in Dagenham. The police reported that the man had claimed to have loaded firearms and intended to end his own life during a phone call, Essex Live reports.

Despite attempts by negotiators to engage with him at Weston Green, officers fired shots and the man was declared dead at the scene. The Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) has launched an investigation into the incident.

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This marks the first fatal shooting by Met Police since rapper Chris Kaba's death in Streatham Hill, south London, in September 2022. A large cordon remained around the area for several days, and locals have now spoken out about the horrific state of the area.

One woman said: "The road is known for drugs. You can smell the drugs when you walk by. There are also often bottles on the ground, groups of people hanging around. It makes you feel uneasy. It's a shame because Dagenham in general has been going downhill recently. We've lived here 20 years, and we're considering moving. We don't feel safe anymore."

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Derek Streeter, 71, another local resident said that it was a "shock" to those living there, and that they now "feel unsafe", while Peter Hawes, who lives nearby, said: "I was working late last night, so I only found out when I called my dad and he mentioned what he'd seen on Facebook. It's very much a shock to me, especially when it is so close to home."

"I didn't know the neighbours there, I'd only met them a few times in passing. I think they moved in around late 2021, maybe early 2022. It's a shame that I never got to know them."

Commander Kyle Gordon, who oversees frontline policing in North and East London, stated: "My thoughts are with the loved ones of the man who has died, with the local community in Dagenham and the officers involved in this incident.

"While formal identification has yet to take place, officers believe he was aged 40. His next of kin has been informed. They will receive our full support."

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