Tourist spots ‘British Bigfoot’ and says beast was built ‘like Schwarzenegger’

A tourist wandering a British beach allegedly spotted a Bigfoot-like monster which was built "like Arnold Schwarzenegger".

The elusive Sasquatch is thought to be native to the United States though visitors to Holkham Beach in Norfolk claim to have seen a 15ft-tall monster and even captured evidence of its huge footprints.

Since its first sighting at the Norfolk hotspot, residents and visitors alike have claimed to come into close contact with the legendary beast. One visitor says they spotted a British Bigfoot while relieving themselves in the great outdoors.

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They allege the monstrous wild creature was "built like Arnie" and was double their height, quite the startling sighting to make when answering nature's call.

He said: "I was with a group of friends paddleboarding and had gone for a wee in the dunes when I spotted something out of the corner of my eye. I saw this thing about 15ft tall – certainly more than double my height – and built like Arnie.

"It glanced round at me and I just stood frozen to the spot, and then it bounded off across the dunes into the pine forest. I told my friends what I’d seen, but they just laughed at me and told me I should get some glasses."

Clemmie Long, 31, also alleged she spotted Bigfoot when walking her dog, Dusty, with the animal disturbed by an urge to sniff along a trail which led to massive footprints.

Clemmie said: "All of a sudden Dusty put her nose right to the ground and pulled me along. She had never been so insistent about something and took me straight to these footprints. When I saw them I couldn’t believe it – they must be five times the size of a human footprint."

For some in the area, a Bigfoot-like creature living in the forests is somewhat of an urban legend. Graham Yardley, 29, added: "My dad used to tell me stories of a Bigfoot who lives in the pine forests by the beaches.

"He used to say the creature survived on eating sheep and cows – I never believed him until now." Where the alleged beast is now is currently unknown.

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