Tourist pays £170 for lobster in posh restaurant before setting it free

A Swiss tourist on holiday with her husband couldn’t bear the thought of the lobster, confined within the aquarium of the renowned “Gente di Mare” restaurant in Golfo Aranci, Sardinia, meeting its culinary fate.

She made an extraordinary decision to purchase the lobster at the whopping price of €200 (£170) and release it into the open sea.

Much to the astonishment and subsequent delight of the restaurant’s owners, Antonio and Gianluca Fasolino, the woman tenderly caressed the crustacean in front of their initially incredulous and later emotional eyes before setting it free in the ocean.

Antonio Fasolino said: “She was absolutely thrilled and wanted to perform a kind act.”

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The lobster weighed approximately one kilogram, and the tourist paid for its expensive freedom without hesitation, filming the act on her husband’s mobile phone, who, just as happy, captured this “heroic” gesture.

The news of the touching move, as reported in the regional newspaper La Nuova Sardegna, quickly made its way around the internet.

Speaking to Italian daily la Repubblica, Antonio Fasolino later said the woman was not vegan as she ate other seafood dishes throughout the evening.

He explained: “The lady entered our restaurant and was immediately struck by the aquarium we have at the entrance.

“She asked me if the lobster, which was in the water with plenty of space available, as happens in all fish restaurants that respect animals, could be released into the sea. And I replied: no problem for me! She then sat down at the table with her husband.”

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He added: “She didn’t seem like a fundamentalist animalist to me at all.

“She ate the food, but I saw that during the meal she continually got up and went near the aquarium. At first I thought she wanted to take a photo or selfie with the crustacean. She then came towards me and, very politely, she simply asked me if she could buy that lobster to free it.”

The restaurant is quite famous in the area and often visited by Italian celebrities.

Described by some customers on TripAdvisor as “too expensive”, the restaurant still boosts amazing reviews online.

One returning customer wrote: “Ten years, ten years of an outstanding experience. Tagliolini with oysters urchins and bottarga are f a b o l o u s year after year. Wow. Thank you. This is excellence.”

Another echoed: “We’ve had an amazing night here!! We are regulars and it never disappoints: amazing food, atmosphere, location and especially service! Roberto in particular was very attentive and very knowledgeable about the food menu and wine list.. always listen to his recommendations! Even if very busy, he keeps a smile in his face. We’ll always be back!”

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