NASA releases bombshell UFO report – and says silver orb is a mystery

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    NASA has released its bombshell report following a lengthy investigation into unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAP).

    Within the 36-page document, the agency admitted it could not explain a mysterious orb seen flying over the Middle East.

    The footage was taken from a MQ-9 drone. The report describes the object as "an apparent silver, orb-like object" but admitted the "object remains unidentified".

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    The video was declassified earlier this year. Dr Sean Kirkpatrick, director of the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO), said previously: "It happened in the Middle East last year where an MQ-9 Reaper drone spotted an apparent spherical object via electro-optical sensors.

    "You will see it come through the top of the screen, it goes and the camera will slew to follow it.

    "You will see it pop in and out of the screen as it goes past the field there.

    "This is essentially all of the data we have associated with this event from some years ago. It is going to be virtually impossible to fully identify that, just based off of that video."

    The sighting bears a startling similarity to the "Mosul orb" footage taken in 2016 over Iraq.

    NASA defines UAP (the new term for UFOs) as "observations of events in the sky that cannot be identified as aircraft or known natural phenomena from a scientific perspective".

    In 2022 the US space agency commissioned a panel of 16 experts to examine UAP sightings. This report is the culmination of their work.

    There have been a number of UAP reports in recent years that have piqued investigators' interest.

    Perhaps the most infamous is the "Tic Tac-looking object" spotted by US Navy airmen David Fravor and Alex Dietrich in 2004 during a training exercise off the coast of San Diego.

    The pair had been asked to investigate a mystery object that was spotted 80,000ft in the air before suddenly dropping close to the sea and apparently vanishing.

    Fravor and Dietrich spotted a small oblong shape hovering above the water. Footage of it from advanced tracking equipment on one of the planes was later leaked to the New York Times, and then confirmed as authentic by the US Department of Defence. US officials admitted they couldn't explain what the object was.

    Fravor told 60 Minutes the object appeared to be mirroring the movements of his jet. "It was aware we were there," he said.

    Unsurprisingly, NASA's report today stressed there was "no reason to conclude" that existing sightings of UFOs are alien in origin.

    It did however say such claims should not be ignored as the galaxy "does not stop at the outskirts of the solar system".

    "Many of NASA's science missions are, at least in part, focused on answering the question of whether life exists beyond Earth," it says.

    "Those investigations include missions looking for biosignatures, perhaps on Mars or the icy moons orbiting Jupiter and Saturn – as well as farther afield, in the ratios of molecules present in exoplanet atmospheres.

    "Searching for signs of alien technology is a natural extension of those investigations."

    At a press conference following the release of the report, NASA administrator Bill Nelson admitted he did believe there was life elsewhere in the Universe.

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