‘Multiple witnesses’ report Bigfoot built like the Rock in broad daylight

A “multi-witness” sighting of an alleged Bigfoot has left the sasquatch research community on the edge of its seat.

The interest of thousands was piqued when a post was uploaded to popular “research” Facebook group BFRO (Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization) – est. 1995. The post, which has 2.6k likes at the time of writing, discussed a sighting by a bloke called Jeff Stanley and his mother Suzy, who claimed to have seen the mysterious creature while hunting for grouse.

The post discussed the “multi-witness daylight sighting of a Bigfoot on the Leech Lake Reservation in northern Minnesota in October 2023. This particular sighting occurred 16 miles north of Remer, which has an annual Bigfoot festival and calls itself "The Home of Bigfoot" due to the number of sightings around there.

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The sighting allegedly took place on October 6 in Cass County in the northern US state close to the border with Canada. Jeff has since filed a report describing the beast and what he claims he saw.

He wrote: “We were travelling down 2127 from East to West and my mom said ‘woah back up.’ Down trail 2266 near the bend we seen a Bigfoot off the trail in the grassy ditch and it slowly moved off the trail west to east. My mom asked me if it felt like it moved in super slow motion. I concurred.

“The ditch at the site was 3ft down and the grass at the side of the trail was three ft tall and the upper torso was three to four ft showing above the grass leaving the Bigfoot to be approximately eight-10ft tall. We drove to the spot and both noticed a strong sulfur or rotting vegetation.

“When I got out of the car and immediately felt all my hair stand up on my body. I checked for any sign of footprints on the road. I could not see any due to the gravel being very packed down. There was a small bit of gravel disturbed in one spot near the west side of the road shoulder.”

The claims were even backed up the BFRO’s investigator named Ontario Richardson. They said that they “spoke at length” with both Jeff and Suzy and from their chat claimed, “they described it as hulking, Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson figure with a rounded head sitting low on the shoulders. It appeared to be looking down.

“Its head was almost swallowed up by the huge shoulders from their view angle. It had solid, dark hair with a uniform pattern over its body. The arms were long and slowly swung as it walked into the woods.”

A note was left on the site by TV personality Matt Moneymaker, who said: “I am inclined to think they saw a real Bigfoot. There are Bigfoots in this vicinity. I've heard them with my own ears”.

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