Man haunted by ghost of woman whose mummified body was hidden in cupboard

A man who unknowingly moved into a house with a dark secret fled when he found out the truth.

The tenant who lived at 35 West Kinmel Street, Rhyl, North Wales said it was "too spooky" to stay there once he knew a mummified body had been hidden away in a cupboard for 20 years. His sister, Tracy Jones bought the property but rented it to her younger brothers in turn before she moved in herself.

But it was only after the purchase that Tracy herself found out about the notorious "mummy in the cupboard" case. After heading to the library for more research, she read about how on May 5, 1960, Leslie Harvey decided to decorate his mum's home as a surprise while she was in hospital, but was horrified to find the corpse of a lodger.

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Grandmother Sarah Jane Harvey, 65 became a murder suspect after it emerged she'd been falsely claiming her tenant, Frances Alice Knight's weekly allowance while her wizened body lay hidden from sight for two decades.

The 6ft 11" high storage unit running from the floor to the loft vent had provided ideal conditions for mummification and Mrs Knight's body had to be immersed in a bath of glycerine solution for a week until it had softened enough for internal examinations to be carried out.

A stocking ligature and a groove around Mrs Knight's death suggested strangulation, but Mrs Harvey argued that it was common knowledge to wrap a stocking around the neck to cure throat ailments.

She was cleared of murder due to lack of evidence but was found guilty of obtaining money by deception between May 1940 and April 1960 and was sentenced to 15 months imprisonment.

Speaking to Paranormal Investigations UK on YouTube not long after moving into the property, Tracy said: "When I originally bought it, my brother lived here with his wife and rented for a year, then my younger brother moved in after that and he rented for a year.

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"My older brother moved out – as far as I'm aware – because he found out about the mummy in the cupboard and he was scared."

Tracy's daughter, Cally told filmmakers how her other uncle had fled after a supernatural encounter.

She said: "My uncle actually told me that one night when he went to the toilet, he saw her and he ran back to his girlfriend and was very white in the face.

"I didn't really believe the story at first, I just thought he was trying to scare me but we have heard other noises."

Speaking in her uncle's former bedroom, Cally says: "This used to be their room, they have moved out, they said it was too spooky.

"When he first moved in here, he was decorating this room – he put the scissors on top of the ladder, when he turned away to put a piece of wallpaper up, and the scissors started floating towards him."

But it's not just her uncle who noticed some strange goings on at the address.

Cally added: "You sometimes hear her coming along the landing, she's quite heavy-footed. Things go missing around the house and she sometimes likes playing with your hairdryer and electrical goods."

Showing the documentary makers around the property, Tracy explains where the cupboard would have been on the landing adding: "It's a little bit weird, a little bit scary to think of it.

"Standing where the cupboard would have been is a very strange, eerie feeling – cold – to think this is where someone was kept for 20 years just left to rot away."

She added: "At the time, it made the house famous and they used to bring day trippers back and forth: 'this is the house with the mummified body in' – I wouldn't want to go and see a house where a mummified body was, but at the time it was quite historical."

Touching upon the subject of ghosts, Tracy said: "I always thought that if you die naturally then you automatcally don't become a ghost but if you are murdered, I think it would come back to haunt you."

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