Inside Putin’s ‘hostage’ camps for kids as they see ‘Russian roulette’ horrors

Russian despot Vladimir Putin is allegedly holding children "hostage" in camps where they are brainwashed and made to watch games of Russian roulette.

The sick game, which sees a bullet placed into a revolver chamber, spun, and aimed at the head of the gunman, is part of the rehabilitation horrors in Ukraine.

Insiders believe hundreds of children were taken by Russian forces and thrown into the "zombie" camps, where blood-soaked torture rooms house the frightened youngsters.

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Vitaliy Mukharsky and his uncle Oleksiy, 27, claim they were thrown into a pit of pork intestines while blindfolded before they were taken to the prison where youngster Vitaliy was starved for four days.

The youngster said: "I was scared of gunshots because they were playing Russian roulette. They were shooting randomly with their eyes closed. I saw blood coming into our cell through the door."

He and Olesksiy were released 10 days later after being quizzed constantly by Russian FSB members.

An alleged 19,500 children were nabbed from the streets and taken to the "zombie" camps, which are masquerading as schools, The Sun reported.

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Propaganda schools are now dressing their staff and students in matching garb and having them hold a propaganda "Z" sign.

Ukrainian Junior Sergeant Sarah Ashton-Cirillo claimed the Russian military was "brainwashing" students who have "no choice" but to attend the grim prison-like schools.

Sergeant Sarah said: "In the temporarily occupied regions, school teachers are forced to collaborate in brainwashing pupils with an anti Ukraine agenda or Russian teachers are shipped in as replacements.

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"In the Donetsk area families who don’t send their kids to these schools are visited by Russian FSB officers who threaten to deny them basics such as food and medicine unless their children get back in the classroom.

"They have no choice. Any welfare state has collapsed, people are ruled by tyranny."

The grim cases come as 500 children were officially reported to have been killed in the Russian invasion of Ukraine, with more feared dead following on from the August 13 update.

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Sergeant Sarah added: "We have intelligence from sources in the resistance that Donetsk parents are also being forced into downloading so-called school apps on their phones which are, in reality, tracking software.

"Theoretically, the apps are there to communicate with teachers but in reality it ensures the Russians can track parents' movements and hack into messages to monitor them. It’s spyware.

"What is happening to children in Ukraine is beyond horrific. They are being taken from their parents and held in Russian schools and 'summer camps'.

"The Russians claim they are taking kids away from war but children are essentially being held as hostages and being brainwashed."

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