I dumped a six-year-old girl’s lunch in the bin – and I’d do it again

A mum threw a six-year-old child’s lunch into the bin after she stole her daughter’s lunchbox.

The mum, from Texas, in the United States, took to Reddit to share her outrage at what had unfolded at her daughter’s school.

She explained that her daughter had her $50 (£40) bento box stolen by one of her classmates. A bento box is a kind of lunchbox which is often stacked and has different sections

And when the school refused to act she took matters into her own hands, reports The Daily Mail.

The post said: “Thursday after school my daughter came home and while unpacking her backpack like I usually do I I noticed that her bento box was not in there. 

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“When I asked her where it was she stated that a girl in her class named Audrey (fake name) had taken it and refused to give it back.

“I asked if she went to her teacher and she said yes but her teacher told her that it’s just a lunchbox and it shouldn’t matter. 

“Now Audrey’s name isn’t new to my household. She and other girls always picked on my daughter and no matter how many times I went to the school about it nothing was done.”

The mum decided that she’d go into the school and talk to the teachers, demanding action.

She said: “I went to the school 30 minutes before lunch time and requested a meeting with the teacher and the principal. 

“They brought my daughter down and I explained the situation and they had someone get Audrey.

“Audrey brought the lunchbox to ‘prove’ that it was hers – but I asked them to open the lunch box because my daughter’s name was inside.”

The mum said that her daughter’s name was clear to see. 

She added: “The teacher asked if it would be okay if Audrey kept it for the day since her food was already in there and I said ‘hell no’ and they had five minutes to find something else to put her food in or I would be dumping it out. 

“Instead of finding her a closed container they began arguing with me so I stood up and grabbed the bento box and in front of all them I threw the food out into the trash can.

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“Grabbing my daughter’s hand I walked out the office with the bento box leaving them to comfort the crying girl.” 

Those who responded to the post had mixed feelings on what the mum had done.

One said: “Everything about the way the school handled this was totally wrong

“When your daughter told the teacher that Audrey took something of hers the teacher should have talked to each of them about what happened, take the item (whatever it is), check for a name or some other way to identify who it belongs to, give it back to the actual owner, and then send an email to the parents. 

“It doesn’t matter what the item is, even ‘just a lunch box,’ WE DO NOT TAKE THINGS THAT DO NOT BELONG TO US.”

Another said: “You acted so immaturely, and this whole situation is ridiculous. Your temper got the best of you.”

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