Elle Brooke brands herself Saint Mary as she strips off for spin the bottle

Elle Brooke has branded herself 'Saint Mary' because she hasn't pleasured herself in a while, while she stripped off for a game of spin the bottle.

The OnlyFans and boxing star shared a video on her YouTube channel where she played the infamous game, with categories including 'naughty question, naughty challenge, change outfit, f**k or chuck, or mystery'.

The first spin garnered a mystery question which was 'which celebrity would you like to f**k right now?' to which she answered actress Megan Fox.

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"She is looking so hot as a ginger," the 25-year-old said.

A second spin meant she had to do a sexy challenge, namely boucning for 10 seconds.

Spin three saw her answer the question 'what has been your wildest sexual encounter?'

She said she and a couple of friends made a porn video in front of everyone who was at a New Year's Eve party.

"They were just regular people, they got one hell of a treat that night," she said.

She then spoke about an awkward sexual encounter, saying that her mum once walked in on her in action.

Elle then got into her favourite sex position as a naughty challenge, before changing into lingerie.

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Afterwards, she did the splits as a challenge whilst in said lingerie.

Then a naughty question asked when the last time she masturbated. Elle said it had been four days since she pleasured herself, meaning that she was "basically Saint Mary right now".

She then had to make sex noises for 20 seconds as a challenge before the video later culminated in her choosing Chris Brown over Harry Styles for a sexual conquest.

The video comes after Brooke branded competitor Astrid Wett a “little b*tch who needs to behave” in a furious row on social media.

The adult content creators got into a vicious back-and-forth on the platform Twitter, now X.

The spat began after interviewer Fred Beck tweeted a link to Brooke’s recent YouTube video about boxing promotion Kingpyn.

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