Disturbing video shows extent of devastating Greece floods as Brits stranded

Greece: Heavy rains bring flooding to Skiathos

A series of intense rainstorms has unleashed severe flooding in several regions across Greece, Turkey, and Bulgaria, leading to the tragic loss of at least 18 lives and numerous rescue operations.

Over the past several days, persistent heavy rainfall has inundated towns and villages throughout the affected areas, causing extensive damage to infrastructure and making roads impassable.

In a remarkable meteorological anomaly, the city of Volos in Greece experienced rainfall equivalent to London’s annual average within a 24-hour period, adding to the challenges faced by communities already grappling with the recent wildfires.

Reflecting on the sudden shift in circumstances, one local resident remarked, “From Volos’ burning to Volos’ drowning”.

“People are struggling to stay safe, and many have lost their homes,” she added.

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Greek meteorologists have characterised these floods as the most severe weather event in a century.

In Turkey, five people tragically lost their lives when the campsite they were staying in was overwhelmed by floodwaters. Regrettably, one person remains unaccounted for. Istanbul, Turkey’s largest city, was also heavily impacted, with Tuesday’s storms leading to significant flooding in hundreds of homes and workplaces.

Central Greece witnessed widespread flooding that claimed the lives of at least four individuals, left six missing, and trapped dozens more. The continuous rainstorms transformed tranquil streams into turbulent torrents, led to dam breaches, washed away roads and bridges, and swept vehicles into the sea.

In some parts of Greece, a year’s worth of rainfall occurred in a single day, resulting in knee-deep torrents inundating streets and causing vehicles to be carried away.

Tragedy struck near the central city of Volos when a collapsing wall resulted in one fatality, while three individuals were reported missing in the region.

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In response to the crisis, authorities imposed traffic bans in Volos, the nearby mountainous region of Pilion, and the resort island of Skiathos. On Skiathos, numerous households are grappling with power outages and a lack of running water as they contend with the aftermath of the devastating flooding.

Vassilis Kikilias, Greece’s Minister for Climate Crisis and Civil Protection, confirmed that more than 885 people have been rescued thus far, with six individuals still unaccounted for. Amid the chaos, British tourists found themselves stranded in the affected areas as Storm Daniel unleashed its fury, resulting in widespread flooding that turned roads into treacherous waterways.

Isabella Smith, a tourist on Skiathos, described the weather conditions as a “warzone”, telling ITV News: “I’ve never seen anything like it. The whole sky was kind of just lit up frequently, the hotel room… obviously it was dark, but it kept kind of the whole room would light up and the noise was just kind of… yeah it was just absolutely terrifying.”

Compounding the crisis, four flights scheduled to depart from the UK to the island on Wednesday were cancelled, leaving travellers stranded amidst the ongoing emergency.

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