Disgust as woman caught on pub CCTV putting hair in food before demanding refund

A pub owner was left fuming after a customer placed their own hair in their food to get a refund.

Tom Croft, 32, had to refund a guest £12.95 for a beef roast dinner at the Observatory in Blackburn, Lancashire, after they claimed they found a hair in their food. After checking CCTV footage, he was shocked to see the customer put her own hair into the meal.

The video shows the woman whispering to a man before pulling out a piece of her long, black hair and placing it on the half-empty plate. Tom said the customer then complained to a staff member and caused a scene at the bar, which is why she was given a full refund for the meal.

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He said: "We reviewed the footage to see what had gone wrong, incase a member of staff didn't have their hair tied back or whatever, but then we found the clip. I was disgusted and angry very angry. There are people out there that are willing to put a business' reputation and staff's jobs at risks for a £12.95 meal. The kitchen team could have then thought it was their fault, when they had done absolutely nothing wrong."

Tom has co-owned the restaurant for five-and-a-half years but says he has never experienced anything like this before. He added that if he didn't find the CCTV footage, his business' reputation would have 'been a big worry.'

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The pub boss raged: "We've not had anything happen like this before. If we hadn't found the CCTV footage, then our reputation would be a major concern and a big worry. People don't want to eat in places where you find hair in food. We have a five star food hygiene rating and adhere to all the food safety guidelines. But if we hadn't found the CCTV footage, then it could have quite easily damaged our reputation."

Tom is now urging other business owners to stay alert for anyone who might try a similar trick. He warned: "I just want to obviously warn other businesses to keep being vigilant. You need to keep your eyes out, not just for these two people but incidents of a similar nature.

"There are people out there who are willing to chance this with another business."

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