Cops watch Premier League football match while rushing to emergency

Footy-loving police officers were dobbed in to their superiors after they were allegedly caught watching a Premier League match on a phone as they sped to an emergency.

A source who provided the video to WalesOnline claims two South Wales Police officers were in the police vehicle with flashing lights on while driving last August, while a phone resting on the dashboard was showing the opening match of the last Premier League season.

As Arsenal could be seen overcoming Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park, one of the officers can be heard laughing as a siren blares in the short video, which was filmed by the passenger and is said to have been taken in or near Pontypridd.

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The complainant reported the video to the force on September 29 this year. When he showed the footage to an officer at Barry station, he was told "that's not good" but then waited almost a month for an update, he alleges.

The source, who pointed out there appear to be homes near the road in the footage, believes the football match could have distracted the driver and put people's safety at risk.

He claims he requested an update from South Wales Police in the weeks after he made the report but did not get one until after WalesOnline had made an enquiry on October 24.

He said: "You can hear them laughing in the background of the video — it's clear evidence of police officers doing the wrong thing. If it was a member of the public doing this, I don't think there'd be this delay to take action."

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A spokesman for the force said: "The complaint currently sits with South Wales Police's Professional Standards Department and will be reviewed, assessed and allocated in the near future.

"The complainant will be updated once the initial assessment and fact finding takes place."

Shortly after this statement the complainant was contacted by an investigator from South Wales Police.

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