China spy agency raises alarm over weaponised gene tech targeting specific races

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China’s Ministry of State Security (MSS) has warned of a potential new genetic weapons that could threaten individuals of a particular race.

The MSS has alleged international organizations could develop bioweapons to target anyone from a particular racial background.

In a post shared on WeChat, the ministry said: “If used by individuals or organizations with ulterior motives, genetic weapons can even be developed to kill targets of a predetermined race, thereby selectively attacking targets with specific racial genes.”

The MSS also alleged that foreign countries have been working on collecting genetic data from China to further their research into the specialised technology.

The spying agency did not name any specific country purportedly engaging in the creation of these new bioweapon but warned genetic technology would pose a bigger threat to individuals than conventional biological or chemical weapons.

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The MSS also claimed than an overseas non-government organisation (NGO) had recruited Chinese nationals to help with the collection of “data and information on the distribution of biological species in various places”.

They alleged that the genetic information had been transmitted abroad, thus breaching China’s “biological and ecological security.”

In the post, they added: “Compared with traditional biological weapons and chemical weapons, genetic weapons are more concealable, deceptive, easy to spread and harmful in the long-term, and are difficult to prevent, difficult to isolate, and low-cost.

“Once used in war, the consequences will be devastating.”

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Beijing in recent has been urging the public to report any suspicious activity that could “threaten national security.”

China has been resistant to collaborating with other countries on an investigation into the origins of the Covid virus.

And in recent months the Chinese Government has ramped up checks on data transfer from mainland China to overseas territories.

Foreign companies have been subjected to heavy scrutiny, especially when it comes to access to and sharing of proprietary economic data – information which could offer foreign agents insight into the state of China’s economy.

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