Brit millionaire’s glam lover quizzed by cops after he was kidnapped in Ecuador

A British millionaire's lover has been questioned by the police over reports he was abducted in the early hours by 15 men dressed as police.

Colin Armstrong, who made his fortune with the Forbidden Corner visitor attraction in the Yorkshire Dales, is believed to be the missing man. His glam lover Katherine Paolo Santos has since spoken to police regarding Mr Armstrong's disappearance in Ecuador.

Police are now investigating the disappearance, with Armstrong also the head of the British Consulate in Guayaquil where he and Santos had taken residence in the Rancho Rodeo Grande.

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Veteran lawyer Ricrdo Vanegas has said Armstrong's live-in lover is now being investigated by members of the force as they continue the search for him.

The lawyer wrote online: “It appears she is now being investigated by prosecutors and police in Ecuador over the kidnap of Colin Armstrong."

Armstrong and Santos had been across the world together with trips to Egypt, Hollywood and other parts of the world shown off in now-deleted Instagram posts, The Sun reported. Other images had shownn the dressed sharp for late-night balls and events.

The attackers are believed to have made off in Mr Armstrong's BMW, which was found abandoned by police. Unconfirmed reports suggest Armstrong was kidnapped by a gang of 15 people disguised as police.

His kidnapping is believed to have taken place around 2.45am at the Rancho Rodeo Grande. An alleged video of the raid's aftermath is now being circulated online, with a woman filming touring the ransacked home.

Diana Armstrong-Bruns, Armstrong's daughter, has since pleaded with members of the public. She said: "This is a critical time, we’ve been told not to say anything to anyone. We just want my father back."

A spokesman for Ecuadorian police said: “Following an apparent criminal act against a businessman in the early hours of this morning in Los Rios, specialist police units are carrying out operative and investigative work on the ground."

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