‘Most beautiful’ country has hardly any tourists

From sunsets in Santorini to intricate architecture in Rome, the world has so many incredible places to explore. Unfortunately, tourists often won’t be the only visitors.

Some of the world’s biggest hotspots receive thousands of visitors per day and the world’s busiest destination has a whopping 100 tourists to every local resident.

Despite this, there are still a few beautiful destinations with barely any tourists. A gorgeous Asian country is one of the world’s least visited spots.

Bhutan, a small country on the eastern edge of the Himalayas, was once one of the world’s most isolated nations. It opened to tourism in 1974 but still keeps a tight rein on the number of visitors.

The tiny Asian country charges tourists $100 (£80.74) per day to visit. If that seems like a lot, it’s actually half the previous fee of $200 (£161.47) per day.

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Bhutan’s hefty visitor fee was designed to prevent overtourism and protect the country’s traditional Buddhist culture. So what will visitors see in Bhutan?

The country’s top-rated attraction is Paro Taktsang, a sacred Buddhist site perched 3,120m above sea level on the cliffside of the Paro Valley.

‘Polkabrews’ wrote: “One of the most beautiful places I have visited so far. It’s worth visiting this place and the architecture is so well crafted.”

‘Michael C’ said: “Worth the long uphill hike for sure! Tiger’s Nest is iconic for good reason. It’s a gorgeous, scenic hike and a temple that really represents much of the Buddhist culture so in evidence in Bhutan.”

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Tourists can also visit Buddha Dordenma, a gigantic Buddha statue in the country’s mountains. The statue houses over 100,000 smaller Buddha statues.

Visitors need to be part of a tour to visit Bhutan and will need to cover their accommodation and meals on top of the $100 daily fee.

If Bhutan feels out of the reach, why not explore one of Europe’s least visited countries which even has its own ski resort?

Bhutan Facts

  • Paro Airport, the only international airport in Bhutan, is considered one of the world’s most challenging for landings. Only a small number of pilots are trained to land there.
  • Bhutan was one of the last countries in the world to have TV. TVs were introduced in 1999.
  • Gangkhar Peunsum is the highest unclimbed mountain in the world and stands at 7,570m tall.

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