Rishi Sunaks touching tribute to Her Late Majesty on year anniversary of death

Queen Elizabeth II: Liz Truss pays tribute to the monarch

Rishi Sunak has ushered in a day of political tributes to The Queen on the one-year anniversary of her death, saying his and the country’s thoughts are with King Charles and the whole Royal Family on this “solemn” day.

Politicians and other public figures will spend the day reflecting on the Queen and her legacy after an historic 70 year reign.

The Prime Minister said that with the perspective of the last year, the scale of Her Late Majesty’s service “only seems greater”.

“Her devotion to the nations of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth only seems deeper. And our gratitude for such an extraordinary life of duty and dedication, only continues to grow.”

Mr Sunak said he “treasures” his memories of the occasions when he met the Queen, “in particular the private audience I had with her at Buckingham Palace before presenting my first Budget as Chancellor”.

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He said he was “struck by her wisdom, by her incredible warmth and grace, but also her sharp wit”.

The Prime Minister ushered in a day of reflection across the country, saying both Brits who met her and those who did not will be thinking about what The Queen meant to them, “and the example she set for us all”.

“We will cherish those memories”.

He poignantly concluded: “The bond between country and monarch is sacred. It endures”.

“So, while we continue to mourn Her Late Majesty’s passing, we should be proud that this remarkable legacy of service – and this remarkable bond – continues to grow today under the reign of His Majesty The King.”

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Leader of the opposition Sir Keir Starmer is expected to issue his own statement tomorrow morning.

This evening, former Prime Minister Liz Truss spoke about her final meeting with the Queen at Balmoral, when Her Late Majesty appointed her 15th and final Prime Minister.

Ms Truss said that despite The Queen’s obvious physical fragility, she was mentally “absolutely on top of what was happening”, and gave away no signs of her terminal illness.

She added that the Queen was “very, very keen to reassure me that we’d be meeting again soon. It was very important to her”.

“I was obviously only in the first few days of the job of being Prime Minister. I was thinking about many, many different things. But the assumption absolutely was that this would be the first of many meetings.”

48 hours after being appointed Prime Minister, Ms Truss was seen running around No. 10 asking an aide to fetch her a black dress from her Greenwich home, the first sign anyone in Downing Street had of the news of the Queen’s passing.

Ms Truss was the first person in the country to formally say: “God save the King”.

“One of the main things people ask me is, ‘how was she?’ She’s still very, very, very loved and treasured. And she was still very much with us until the end.”

“And that’s what just struck me about her is that right until that moment she wanted to be there doing her duty.”

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