Migrant Channel crossings top 23,000 so far this year after 2k arrivals in days

More than 20,000 asylum seekers have crossed the Channel this year

A significant influx of migrants arrived in small boats last week after making the hazardous journey across the English Channel.

According to data analysed by PA more than 2,000 people made the risky trip from Monday, September 4, to Sunday, September 10.

The influx of boats coincided with a period of warm weather which made the crossing less dangerous.

On Saturday alone, 425 people were detected crossing in seven small boats, which equates to around 61 passengers per vessel. The number rose on Sunday when 389 individuals were spotted arriving in six boats.

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It brings the weekly total to 2,017, a significant figure which highlights the urgency of addressing the ongoing issue of Channel crossings.

The recent arrivals have pushed the provisional total for the year so far to 23,103 migrants arriving in the UK.

Before a crackdown in 2022, approximately 27,000 arrivals were recorded. 

Official government figures show around 30,700 crossings have occurred since Rishi Sunak took the role of Prime Minister from Liz Truss on October 25 last year.

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During Suella Braverman’s initial term as Home Secretary from September 6 to October 19, 2022, and her subsequent re-appointment on October 25, approximately 40,700 crossings have been recorded.

A Home Office spokesman said: “The unacceptable number of people risking their lives by making these dangerous crossings is placing an unprecedented strain on our asylum system.

“Our priority is to stop the boats, and our Small Boats Operational Command is working alongside our French partners and other agencies to disrupt the people smugglers.

“The government is going even further through our Illegal Migration Act which will mean that people arriving in the UK illegally are detained and promptly removed to their country of origin or a safe third country.”

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