Labours assault on school uniforms is part of a woke insurgency

Bridget Phillipson grilled on rebuilding crumbling schools

A former children’s minister has warned that Labour plans to effectively phase out school uniforms is part of “an hysterical woke insurgency” engulfing Britain.

Sir John Hayes, chairman of the powerful Common Sense Group of Tory MPs, has hit out at the plans as Labour shadow Education Secretary Bridget Phillipson today confirmed her party’s intention to start dismantling school uniform demands on parents.

She told Laura Kuenssberg on the BBC Sunday morning politics show that Labour would set a limit of three items schools could insist are branded uniform items.

Currently, children are required to get a number of branded items including PE kit and school blazers and the policy has been announced as children prepare to start the new school year in england and Wales this week.

Some Labour MPs have been pushing for an end to school uniforms altogether.

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Ms Phillipson also allowed a picture of her as a schoolgirl in 1995 in Washington, Tyne and Weir to be published when she discussed the issue.

Ms Kuenssberg asked: “Why not get rid of it altogether because this can cost a fortune?”

Ms Phillipson said: “What I am saying today is that we limit the number of branded items so maximum of three across uniforms and PE kit.

“I think my school uniform was pretty smart, I think the school had pretty high standards.”

She went on: “The pressures that families are under at the moment are really significant, it’s a straightforward way that at a stroke I would cut the costs that parents are facing.

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“The costs of branded items are going up and up, and I don’t think there need to be so many.

“Schools would still be able to have flexibility but let’s make it easier for parents let’s cut the costs.”

But writing for, Sir John, a former children’s minister, was unimpressed by the plans and warned it was part of “a woke insurgency”.

He said: “The woke insurgency comes in many guises. Schools are at its frontline.

“Even school uniform is being weaponised in the culture war.

“Just before the pandemic hit, the Government bowed to pressure from mainly Labour MPs to change the law, so ordering schools to minimise branded items of uniform, such as distinctive and brightly badged blazers, colourful school ties and associated sports kit.

“The road to the underworld is always paved with good intentions and the virtuous intent in this case was to reduce the financial burden on hard-pressed parents kitting out their offspring for the school year ahead.”

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