My Ecosport loses power & speed suddenly on the highway: Here’s the fix

Ford’s service centre agreed to replace all the parts and re-program the ECU.

BHPian W.A.G.7 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

So, just to put another perspective. I am facing the same issue with my 2018 Ecosport – Titanium 1.5L petrol. Prior to COVID-19 – Dhone Ford tried resolving the problem by “re-routing” the wiring harness (according to them) and flashing the ECU.

A couple of weeks back, we faced this problem a lot while driving on the Pune-Mumbai Expressway. It could have turned fatal for us, as the power and speed dropped, almost instantly. Thankfully we were able to take it to the service lane on the left, all four times.

Today I gave it to Dhone Ford for another round of review. They scanned and traced the error to the powertrain module. The fault code shown was P2135. They agreed to replace all the parts and re-program the ECU. There may have been a silent recall for this problem, but I don’t remember Ford giving any such advisory.

Here is the table from the rough estimate that they have provided.

BTW: Check row number 8 in the table. I have a feeling that this is tacked on – mine is a 1.5L Dragon engine, so why does the charge for the 1.0L G-TDI appear there? I am assuming this would be the 1.0L Ecoboost motor for which they have added the charge. On a hilarious note – they even added the charge for the adhesive tape!

I will get the car back on Monday, I will update here on how it goes.

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