‘I’m an car expert – drivers can destroy their engine with a common mistake’

Car experts are sharing their hacks, tips, and tricks, including one who recently shared how two key fob buttons will remotely turn on the AC in your car. 

Now, another automotive expert has warned drivers that they run the risk of damaging their car if they regularly run it on empty.

Bladed Angel regularly posts videos to his YouTube channel, informing drivers on how they can avoid falling into common traps that may lead to expensive repair bills, like a making a common tire mistake he’s sick of fixing. 

In his latest video, Bladed Angel stated that driving a car that has nearly run out of fuel can lead to long-lasting problems.

He explained: “Even if the [fuel gauge] needle dips to empty or even below empty, the car itself can still move. Now, that’s not necessarily a good reason to keep doing this habit because what is happening is the car’s fuel pump is likely super stressed as it’s attempting to drink every last drop.”

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Whilst increasing petrol prices may encourage motorists to use every drop of fuel in the tank, doing so can deprive some parts of the engine from getting fuel.

Not only can this lead to the vehicle not running correctly, but if this occurs regularly, it may cause components to wear out much faster.

Bladed Angel noted that this issue may lead to frugal motorists being left stranded when they try to start their cars.

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Bladed Angel recommended that drivers should always fill up their vehicles when a fuel warning light comes on.

“It’s best to drive on a quarter of a tank or more but if you really want to run close to dry, try to keep an eighth or tenth of a tank, so 10 to 15 percent of your fuel.

“Most cars around this time will usually give you a fuel warning light, which usually means that it’s on its second to last sliver.”

While motorists have faced steady increases over the past months, there are fears that prices could soon rise dramatically.

Many experts are predicting significant growths after the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries stated that they will be lowering their reserves from October 2023, increasing the price of crude oil.

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