Clocked 575 kms within just 4 days of delivery on my Triumph Speed 400

The distance to empty doesn’t work well. I think it shows kms for current mileage instead of average.

BHPian JoshVRider recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Took it on a trip yesterday from Mumbai to Nashik and back. Total 355kms trip. Now total ODO is 575kms (in just 4 days!!)

The ride was amazing. Went through the ghats of Vikramgad and Jawhar and this bike goes through those u bend turns effortlessly and it wants to curve. Even though i went with pillion it was bending the turns without giving you the feeling that it can’t take more.

Mileage: I did a tank to tank and it gave me a mileage of 32kmpl. This is highway at 80kmph and ghats at 40kmph and City at 60kmph (60 & 80 were at 6th gear 40 at ghats were at 5th/4th gear because there was too much incline)

The fuel indicator went to no bars on my way back. So I quickly search for pump and filled it to the top. Only 10.84Ltrs went. This is because of the fuel pump. The sales person also told me that since this has a fuel pump make sure the fuel does go till empty as it will damage the pump (air getting caught). I think the company wants us to fill while it still has 2 ltrs in.

The distance to empty doesn’t work well. I think it shows kms for current mileage instead of average.

I had done PPF on 29th night and picked it up yesterday evening. Took Defender pro Tarantula Gloss 180micron with 5 year warranty at Rs.12k along with ceramic and plastic protection on other parts. Did it from Steam engine. They have shops in Virar, Naigaon & Miraroad incase someone wants to try it from them. Shaman Triumph told me 11k for just PPF from Garware with 3 year warranty.

Will soon get this bike to 1,000kms (only about 400kms is remaining out of which 40mks is from my home to service center ) will get the service done and then see it’s performance and mileage.

So far my take is that you can take this bike for long trips but only rider as the pillion will not be comfortable for over 2 hour trips. Maybe the quilted seat from Triumph will help. Let’s see.

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