Woman goes on rampage at McDonalds threatening staff while grabbing a burger

A bizarre video emerged of a woman breaking into a McDonald's kitchen and helping herself to get food.

Customers queueing at the counter inside the fast food chain in Adelaide city centre, Australia, were stunned when they saw the woman shouting at the staff.

"What? I will beat you up or I will leave!" she said in the video, which has been widely shared on TikTok.

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She ignored the employees and grabbed herself two drinks before looking inside a paper bag, asking: "What's in that?"

Then she walked inside the kitchen and asked for a burger.

A female employee was seen on the phone reporting the incident to the police, while another warned the woman "not to touch the food".

She helped herself a burger and a bottled drink and ate a dessert in the McCafe section.

Luckily two policemen arrived and took her to the side of the restaurant while the staff apologised to their customers at the till.

South Australia Police arrested a 19-year-old woman who acted disorderly in the fast food outlet.

The police statement read: "About 10.35pm on Thursday, December 29, police were called to a fast food outlet on Hindley Street after reports of a woman acting disorderly.

"It will be alleged the woman damaged a door and threw a bottle of water at staff.

"A 19-year-old woman from the northern suburbs was arrested and charged with disorderly behaviour, property damage and assault."

Viewers also shared their thoughts under the video, with one saying: "The poor workers, their adrenaline would have been so high."

Another penned: "I got emotional with the employee wiping her tears. It’s already so stressful working in busy season to then have to deal with that and make minimum wage."

Others praised the police for responding the matter within minutes.


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