Woman dies after botched liposuction surgery left her with horror lung injury

A woman has died after receiving horrific liposuction surgery that left her suffocating after she experienced horrifying injuries to her lungs.

An autopsy report for Mary Jane Thomas, the wife of country singer Hank Williams Jr., showed that Thomas had died through complications with her surgery.

The 58-year-old's autopsy read that her lung collapsed after it was punctured during her liposuction surgery, with one plastic surgeon saying that doctors can puncture lungs or other organs if they're "not paying too much attention."

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The Beverly Hills source also said that liposuction is more dangerous than most would believe it to be.

Plastic surgeon Michael K. Obeng said: "So people think liposuction is a very easy operation, but it's one operation that every time I'm doing it, I have to know exactly where the tip of my cannula [the suction tube] is because I don't take it for granted.

"It could be dangerous."

The procedure, where doctors remove fat cells with a large metal instrument that acts almost like a hoover, is a top five surgery offered up in the United States according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

They also rank nose reshaping and breast augmentation in the top five band.

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Deaths often associated with liposuction tend to be down to practitioner faults in countries with slack regulations on the surgery, Insider reported.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons is said to recommend a board-certified doctor with at least six years of surgical training and three years plastic surgery residency for those wanting treatment.

Treatment is, usually, relatively safe although provides an elevated risk to chronic smokers and those over the age of 45.

Some doctors are now refusing to perform high-volume liposuction treatments due to the higher risk of complications associated with removing more than six litres of fat.


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