Witnesses saw shark in river where teen died in attack but ‘didn’t report it’

Witnesses saw a huge bull shark in the same river where a teenage girl was mauled to death just a day later, but didn't immediately reports it.

Stella Berry, 16, was hanging out with friends in the Swan River in Perth, Australia on Saturday (February 4) before the fateful attack at about 3:30pm.

The schoolgirl saw a pod of dolphins swimming in the water and jumped in, before the vicious creature, likely a bull shark, latched onto her leg in front of her terrified pals, according to authorities.

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It has transpired, according to Daily Mail Australia, that a 2.5metre bull shark was spotted near the site of the attack at 6pm on Friday.

It wasn't reported to the Western Australian government's Sharksmart tracker website until a day after Stella was killed.

The river, and its Canning River tributary, are hotspots for shark sightings, but before Stella's death no one had been killed in the area for over a century.

Perth authorities are reportedly considering installing more shark nets along beaches and the Swan River.

Gathering near to the spot where Stella was attacked, fellow students from Perth's Shenton College, where she was in Year 11, were overcome with emotion as they described their beloved friend.

Lara Connolly, remembered the tragic teen to ABC as the "sweetest and smartest girl that I knew".

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"She never did anything wrong to anybody," Lara added.

"She was so kind. She loved art. I'd ride my bike to see her sometimes and I'd see her running."

Shenton College principal Michal Morgan said the untimely death had caused "great sadness, sincere empathy and the deepest regret."

"I understand and respect that people respond to grief and loss in different ways, and that a loss such as this can trigger a broad range of emotional responses that are not always anticipated or evident," Mr Morgan told The West.

"I have personally offered, on behalf of the College, our condolences and support to Stella's family during this very sad time."

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