Wild UK snow weather chart show ‘290-mile wide’ blizzard approaching the country

The UK is just one week away from a huge band of snow stretching around 290 miles hitting its shores -and it's all thanks to Russia.

The meteorological agency The Met Office had already warned last week that Brits should prepare for "heavy showers and snow", with showers beginning yesterday (December 3) and continuing through to Tuesday before the weather turns frostier on Wednesday and snowfall can be expected.

And while the bad weather could be felt nationwide, forecasters predict most of the snowfall will be seen in northern and eastern Scotland and potentially parts of Northeast England.

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But it will come slightly earlier than most people had expected – and has already started in parts of the country – with a new freakishly big storm coming shortly after.

Forecaster Becky Mitchell told the Daily Star: "As we head into next week it's set to turn colder and we could see some snow mainly across northern parts of the UK.

Mitchell confirmed that winds from the east, like those seen during the 2018 storm, are expected to hit the UK – but the resulting weather conditions will not be nearly as severe.

But there is a new huge weather front coming, and it appears that nobody realised just how big it actually will be.

According to several experts, a giant cold weather front is brewing over Siberia, Poland and Russia, and it's heading our way.

It is being claimed that the entire South of England will be covered by the sub-zero blast, while the rest of the UK faces a deep freeze.

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The horror band of snow could potentially stretch from the French coast, across the south of England, the South West and South Wales, with a whopping span of more than 290 miles.

It is set to hit our shores shortly after this week's freezing weather, landing in the UK around midday on Wednesday, December 14.

The weather system is set to land in the South of England, before heading up towards the Midlands and North West, with Scotland – which will have been dealing with constant snowfall for a week by that point – facing massive disruption from the snow storm.

It has not yet been ruled out whether or not it will be a White Christmas, but the freak weather system is set to linger for much of the rest of December.

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