Well-behaved lags at England’s largest jail treated to posh nosh meaty menu

Lags at England's largest prison are being treated to luxury meals while many free Brits struggle to put food on their plate.

Thanks to purchasing directly from suppliers, HMP Oakwood near Wolverhampton can rustle up luxury cuts of meat to prisoners at a generally lower cost than the public shopping at supermarkets.

After taking a look at the prison's kitchen expenses, BirminghamLive reports that lags benefit from the jail missing out the middle man when sourcing top quality food.

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As a result, a mouth-watering HMP Oakwood order sets the prison back £35 compared to the £46 it could cost to buy the equivalent goods from Tesco.

Cons deemed to deserve it can pick from a long list of delicious options on a meat order form, including rump steak, lamb shank and lamb chops from the 'butcher special' section – and all for less than it would cost in the supermarket.

Four rump steaks, two lamb shanks and 1kg of lamb chops can all be ordered by the jail all for just £35.

The same order from Tesco would cost around £46. Other food on the menu, like pies, chicken wings and boneless chicken thighs, are also cheaper at HMP Oakwood than Tesco.

The jail is home to around 2,100 inmates, including killers and paedophiles. Most are serving more than four years and half of inmates pose a "high risk" to others.

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But those judged to have been well behaved can order slap-up meals with cash either earned inside or sent to them by family.

It means convicted criminals including violent offenders, even if being rewarded for good behaviour, are getting better meals than many on the outside facing a daily battle to put food on the table.

Inmates with privileges can also get their hands on skincare and hygiene products like beard oil, facial scrub, a purifying peel-off mask, herbal footcare cream and coconut oil.

Criminal barrister Jerry Hayes told ITV's Good Morning Britain: "Nurses, teachers and all those people who are desperately struggling, they don't get any subsidies, they don't get much help and some of them have to go to food banks. Foot massages, coconut oil – come on, it's wrong. It gives the wrong optics as well."

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Prison bosses argue the Ministry of Justice's Incentives Policy Framework, which the luxury meals come under, encourages to criminals to follow the rules and change their ways.

G4S, which runs HMP Oakwood, said: "Prisoners who have earned enhanced privileges from good behaviour can buy a small number of approved items with their own money. Those who behave poorly or breach prison rules face them being taken away."


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